Two bills sponsored by Rep. Tom Dent signed into law

Rep. Tom Dent, R-Moses Lake, saw two of his bills signed into law by Gov. Inslee on Thursday.

House Bill 1527 will provide a more efficient way for pesticide licensees to become recertified. Every five years, licensees must demonstrate they meet the recertification standards to qualify for continued licensure by earning 40 recertification credits. These credits are earned by attending Washington State Department of Agriculture-approved courses. With the passage of House Bill 1527, the WSDA may now waive the recertification requirements if the licensee demonstrates they're meeting comparable recertification standards through another state, jurisdiction, or government agency plan approved by the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

“This bill will streamline the ability for pesticide applicators to get recertification credits,” said Dent. “This is a small, but very important change to current law that will help the entire industry.”

After signing House Bill 1527 into law, Gov. Inslee congratulated Dent and said he believed the bill would be the first of many sponsored by Dent that he would sign.

Gov. Inslee signs Rep. Tom Dent's House Bill 1527 into law. May 7, 2015

From left: Rep. Tom Dent; Dayna Dent, Rep. Dent's wife; Monte Dent, Rep. Dent's son; Ben Moehrle; Juli Tuson; John Rylaarsdam

The other bill signed into law by Gov. Inslee was House Bill 1989, which will allow municipalities to contract for asset management services for their water storage assets, such as water tanks, towers, wells, meters and filters.

Rep. Dent sponsored the bill on behalf of the city of Quincy, which is seeking to procure long-term maintenance service contracts for their water storage assets. The bill allows them to do that, with the goal of providing stability to the city's budgeting.

“House Bill 1989 will provide the opportunity for municipalities like Quincy to manage their water storage assets in the best way they see fit,” said Dent. “This legislation will not only provide more autonomy, but it will also save taxpayer dollars by allowing for long-term management agreements instead of simply contracting out for each individual service need.”

Bills go into effect 90 days after the adjournment of the regular legislative session.

Gov. Inslee signs Rep. Tom Dent's House Bill 1989 into law. May 7, 2015

From left: Scott Cave; Rep. Tom Dent; Dayna Dent, Rep. Dent's wife; Kyle Lynch; Monte Dent, Rep. Dent's son; Sen. Judy Warnick; Hannah Castro


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