Lawmakers talk with WA AG Network

Reps. Tom Dent, R-Moses Lake, and Vincent Buys, R-Lynden, share a common concern when it comes to agriculture: water.  The legislators talked with Glenn Vaagen of the Washington Ag Network about their mutual concern for this precious natural resource.  Their continuing focus is not just about the supply of water in Washington state, but also its quality.  Buys stated that water issues can be contentious, but both he and Dent agreed that the questions surrounding water in Washington will likely continue to be a part of life.  Their goal is to ensure the highest quality water, and a plentiful supply.

Dent also spent time talking about concerns in Eastern Washington about the wolf population.  He indicated that as time goes on, the animals are moving into the plains from the higher elevations.  He says management of wolves ought to taken out of the federal realm and returned to the regions affected.


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