Dent renamed lead Republican on House Children, Youth and Families Committee

When the 2021 legislative session convenes on Jan. 11, Rep. Tom Dent will continue his leadership role as the lead Republican member of the House Children, Youth and Families Committee.

The committee, operating under the title of Early Learning and Human Services Committee during the last two sessions, will still review legislation and issues related to early learning, child care, child and youth development, child welfare services, children's mental health, at-risk and homeless youth and juvenile justice.

“I look forward to being the lead voice for the caucus on the committee and working with the chair on the committee agenda. The pandemic has been difficult on our youth by negatively impacting early learning, child care and mental health. We have a lot of work to do,” said Dent, R-Moses Lake. “I have served on this committee since I was elected to the Legislature. I love to work on behalf of our young people. This will also allow me to continue working closely with our early learning and child care providers as I have the last few sessions.”

Dent's other committee assignments will also remain the same as his last term. He will continue to serve on the House Rural Development, Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee (RDAN) and Transportation Committee.

“Serving on the RDAN committee allows me to be directly involved in addressing legislation related to agricultural production and lands, water rights and storage, forest practices and wildfires. Issues that are extremely important to the 13th District,” said Dent.

“My aviation background brings a unique perspective to the Transportation Committee as I am the only professional pilot in the Legislature. I will continue to work on aviation-related issues and focus on the transportation needs in the 13th District with the growth in our region,” said Dent.

The 2021 legislative session is scheduled for 105 days and convenes on Jan. 11.


Washington State House Republican Communications