Rep. Tom Dent releases statement on lack of action on child care legislation

With Washington state in the midst of a child care crisis, 13th District Rep. Tom Dent is calling on the chair of the House Human Services, Youth and Early Learning Committee, to schedule a public hearing on House Bill 2300. However, as of today (Friday), Dent has been unable to convince the chair to schedule a hearing on this important measure.

His bill would delay some of the requirements for child care providers related to certification and training qualifications.

Dent, R-Moses Lake, issued the following statement on the lack of action:

“This bill was crafted by the child care industry and brought to me with the message that they desperately need it. The COVID-19 pandemic had a devastating impact on our child care industry. We need to provide some incentives for people to get back in the child care business.

“The lack of child care providers continues to drive up cost and limit accessibility. Many families who are able to find child care cannot afford it. Washington state has the ninth most expensive infant care in the nation. The average family spends more than 35% of their income to send two children to child care and 63% of children under the age of five do not have access to a nearby child care provider. We have child care deserts all over the state.

“The numbers are right there in front of us. This bill is not a fix, but will help our state’s child care crisis. The committee needs to take action on this bill.”  


Washington State House Republican Communications