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Rep. Tom Dent, R-Moses Lake, has been appointed to the Interim Task Force on Washington Waters by House Republican Leader Dan Kristiansen. Dent, who also serves as assistant ranking member on...

Sept. 4, 2015

Rep. Tom Dent, R-Moses Lake, has been appointed to the Early Learning Advisory Council (ELAC) by House Speaker Frank Chopp.

Aug. 4, 2015

13th District legislators issued statements Tuesday praising the no-new-tax bipartisan operating budget that cuts tuition and boosts teacher pay.

July 1, 2015

Rep. Tom Dent, R-Moses Lake, saw two of his bills signed into law by Gov. Inslee on Thursday. House Bill 1527 will provide a more efficient way for pesticide licensees to...

May 8, 2015

House Bill 1989, which would allow municipalities to contract for asset management services for their water storage assets, unanimously passed the state Senate March 25.

March 26, 2015

Rep. Tom Dent, R-Moses Lake, says he is thankful for Governor Inslee taking action this morning and declaring a drought emergency for the east side of the central Cascade Mountains, including...

March 13, 2015

Sen. Judy Warnick, R-Moses Lake, and Reps. Matt Manweller, R-Ellensburg, and Tom Dent, R-Moses Lake, are holding an hour-long telephone town hall on Monday, March 23, at 6 p.m.

March 13, 2015

House Bill 2046, which would establish a definition of "streams" in the Shoreline Management Act (SMA), was unanimously approved today by the state House of Representatives. The bill was sponsored by...

March 12, 2015

Rep. Tom Dent, R-Moses Lake, saw his first two bills pass unanimously in the Washington State House of Representatives

March 3, 2015

13th District lawmakers, Rep. Tom Dent, Rep. Matt Manweller and Sen. Judy Warnick react to the West Coast ports deal.

Feb. 25, 2015